Last Modified: 29/01/15

Terms of Service

By accessing any servers in our network, including but not limited to game and web servers, you are automatically agreeing to the following terms and conditions. 

General (Last Modified: 29/09/16)

General (Last Modified: 29/09/16)
​By connecting to any servers in our network, whether it be game, web, or for any other purpose, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions, and in-game server rules. These terms and conditions and server rules are subject to change at any point in time if The Burrow Network feels these changes are necessary, and it is the user's responsibility in order to keep up to date on any changes to the network terms and conditions.
You must not utilise our network to carry out any illegal activity, including but not limited to distributing malware or pirated content.

​Liability (Last Modified: 29/01/15)
The Burrow Network is not responsible for any potentially harmful content you download from anything posted by other community members, and the decision to click a hyperlink to a site remains at the users decision.
​The Burrow Network takes no responsibility in the loss of files or data, including but not limited to databases, world saves, and website data. Whilst regular network backups are taken both locally and off site, we are not responsible for any progress lost in the event of corrupt files or damaged server hard drives.
​The Burrow Network aims to provide 99% uptime to all services, however this isn't a SLA (service level agreement), thus isn't inforced, and an uptime below this may occur. Whilst we closely monitor all servers in our network, any issues discovered are at The Burrow Network's decision as to how to resolve this issue, and this may result in downtime or connections blocked to regular users.

Privacy (Last Modified: 29/09/16)
Upon connection to one of our servers, the following information may be logged: IP addresses, Minecraft account username, Minecraft account UUID. We reserve the right to store this data for as long as we feel is necessary. All commands and chat messages sent in game are permenantly logged, and may be shared with third parties if we feel necessary.

Disclaimer (Last Modified: 29/09/16)
The Burrow Network reserves the right to restrict or block access to any of our servers prior to any communication with you.
The Burrow Network is in no way affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Notch Development AB. Minecraft is copyright and trademark Mojang AB 2009-2016.

Donations (Last Modified: 29/01/15)

General (last Modified: 29/01/15)
By donating through the store, you agree that you are either the card, or PayPal, account holder, or have explicit permission from the card holder or PayPal account owner to utilise their funds to make a donation through this store.

Refund Policy (Last Modified: 29/01/15)
Donating on our store is in return for a ​virtual item, meaning that nothing will be shipped to your adress, and you acknowledge the fact that what you receive is a virtual good. Donations made on this store are done out of your choice, and and non-refundable in any case, including but not limited to you no longer wanting the item, or the server shutting down. Donating doesn't make you immune to bans or other punishments, and you will be treated equally to other people if you breach our rules. Furthermore, issuing a chargeback or dispute through the payment gateway on your purchase(s) will result in a permenant ban from the network and possibly action taken on the dispute.
Privacy Policy (Last Modified: 29/01/15)
We require your details at checkout to prevent abuse or fraud on our system. We will never distribute or sell your details to other parties or people, and we strive to keep your details as safe as possible. You won't receive spam emails from us, and we will only contact you via provided details if there is an issue with the payment or if you break these terms and conditions. If you are violate these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to share your details, including but not limted to IP, username, and email, to other networks to prevent you from violating terms and conditions of others.