Server Rules

Server rules can be accessed in game through the use of the /rules command. Not having read the rules, or not understanding what rule means is not a valid excuse for breaking a rule, if you thinkclarification on anything is required, please contact a staff member before going ahead.

General /rules-general

  1. Using alts without prior authorisation from the owner isn't allowed, no matter what the reason is
  2. Don't use inappropriate language (swearing, racism, ect) - keep all chat PG friendly (The chat filter only limits some things - staff can warn / mute for anything that the filter doesn't punish for.)
  3. Don't deliberately annoy other players
  4. No mentioning other server names or IPs, domains, ect anywhere on our network
  5. Don't spam chat, commands, ect
  6. Don't deliberately cause damage to the server (e.g. intention to lag or crash server)
  7. Don't ask for ranks, staff, or OP. No one will be granted OP. Staff applications are always open on our website. Donator ranks can be obtained by donating, or winning any open giveaways
  8. Don't build inapropriate things (builds should be PG-friendly)
  9. Don't impersonate or prentend to be another player
  10. Don't disobey staff (in regards to rules)
  11. Don't use nicknames to pretend to be other people, players or ranks (try to keep part of your name in it)

Creative /rules-creative

  1. No griefing
  2. Please keep roleplays limited to /plot chat rather than the main chat
  3. Only build redstone circuits that have a purpose (that is not to cause lag) - we reserve the right to disable or remove anything with no real purpose
  4. Don't deliberately trap other players
  5. Only add / trust people to your plot if you know that you can trust them - we can't guarantee we will be able to fix griefs
  6. The use of alts in order to gain more plots than your limit is against the rules. Violation to this may result in your alt account(s) being banned, and plots removed without warning.

Survival /rules-survival

  1. Don't use hacks / hacked clients - it's unfair to everyone else. This includes any x-ray methods, in addition to any mods which give you advantages over other players - please ask for confirmation on what is allowed
  2. No griefing player-built structures (including unclaimed land). Naturally occuring structures may be griefed
  3. Market: Purchasing stock from a competitor with the intention to resell it is not allowed