Welcome to infractions! Please use this area to appeal an active punishment. Appeals through other methods will be declined.

Appeal a punishment - Guidelines

THIS PAGE IS IN DEVELOPMENT. Please email [email protected] for appeals until this message has gone.

If you feel you were incorrectly banned from our server, you are able to appeal your punishment through this area of the website. You will have been given a ban ID in your punishment, as demonstrated below:


In all punishment messages, you will see a number prefixed with ID: . This is the punishment ID that you will need to enter into the system, alongside your username and the punishment type in order to appeal. This is to make it harder for another user to appeal under your name, as only you have access to your punishment ID.

Please note that not all appeals will be successful. We aim to reply to every appeal over the website within 1 week of the appeal being submitted, however may take longer. Any poor quality appeals may be outright denied, alongside any severe rule breaking.

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