Welcome to infractions! Please use this area to appeal an active punishment. Appeals through other methods will be declined.

Appeal a punishment - Guidelines

In order to appeal a punishment you feel was incorrectly given, we require you to email us through our support email, which is [email protected].

When emailing us to appeal your ban, we request the following information:

  • Your username *
  • Punishment type *
  • punishment ID
  • What you did to get punished *
  • Why you don't deserve the punishment *
  • What reason we have to believe you will follow the rules this time round *

Any item above marked with an asterisk (*) is required, and if not provided, will result in your appeal being declined. Additional information can be given.

We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible with the outcome of the appeal. Please note all staff are volunteers, and we aren't obliged to get back to you in any timeframe.

Finding infraction IDs:


In all punishment messages, you will see a number prefixed with ID: . This is the punishment ID that you will need to enter into the system, alongside your username and the punishment type in order to appeal. This is to make it harder for another user to appeal under your name, as only you have access to your punishment ID.