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By MatthewKilp » about 1 year ago



I am writing this as a notification of an outage affecting all our Minecraft servers, as of 15:00 GMT today. The issue appears to be down to our hosting provider's network, and a potential network failure. They have been contacted regarding this incident, and I am awaiting a reponse. This post will be updated when I receive more information.

The network incident most likely affecting our server is located at if you are interested.

Our host, as per the status page, run a new fibre optic cable to the network switch, and the server is now up and running - apologies for the inconvenience, and if anything isn't running as is meant to be, let me know, as the hardware reboot I issued on the server may have caused some processes to abruptly stop / some things to not boot up again.

Thanks for your patience at this time,


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