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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 2 years ago


As you may be aware, for the most part of the evening (in GMT [British time]), our Creative server experienced issues. Whilst I was not online at the time, this is the shortened run down of the events that occured that ultimately lead to the extended issues, mostly regarding WorldEdit, throughout of the evening, which are fixed now.

  • Creative server crashes - source of crash was being located, believed to be due to WorldEdit actions.
  • A few restarts take place to get the server back up and running
  • WorldEdit is reported to be broken (at the stage I am notified of this I am on 4G with terminal not working on my phone, so have no way to resolve)
  • Source of issue identified: a plugin we use for WorldEdit, called FastAsyncWorldEdit, has download servers which are offline - the auto-updater was enabled in this plugin's config, and thus, when the server crashed, I believe the plugin attempted to download a version, which didn't work, thus breaking WorldEdit
  • Latest FastAsyncWorldEdit verison that I had downloaded remotely accessed from my desktop computer through Backblaze, downloaded and installed, auto updater now disabled.

At this stage, creative began running with WorldEdit (to my knowledge) completely working.

I would like to apologise for today's events and any inconvenience caused, we are taking precautions to prevent similar events like this from happening again, starting with disabling auto-updater on all of the core plugins our server relies on.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, I hope everyone has had / is having a great Christmas.

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