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IGN: stiflerdog
By stiflerdog » over 2 years ago

If you want to see the region of the select  region off the world edit like this:



Then you come to the right place.

1.First you gonna need to download 2 things:


        The Mod itself:

2. Install the mod

         LifeLoader: Make sure your minecraft is not open then run the exe file, then create a new a profile. for this, open your minecraft launcher then click on launcher options

Then create a new profile with the version of the liteloader you isntall 


Now On the play button on the launcher, click on the arrow and select the liteloader version, then play the game to finish installation. Close the game to install the mod


- To install the mod itself, go to 


and paste the mod in there.


3.All done. 

OBS: This region is visible only for you cause this is a client side program.