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IGN: Turbulence5
By Turbulence5 » over 2 years ago

As I joined this late afternoon, he was the only one online... 

Immediately he asked me how to get command blocks, to which I replied with a tpahere request so I could give him one.

After accepting and taking the command block (and not saying anything like thanks) he asked, how to use command blocks.

As he was very unspecific, I told him to go to YouTube (at that time I was already annoyed by his sassy behaviour) to which he replied with insults.

"Shut the hell up" etc.

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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 2 years ago

I've looked over all of this users chat history & they appear to have constantly been swearing (& so ignoring server asking them to follow rules), and reapeatedly showing disrespect towards & insulting almost every player that has tried to help them. That's not the kind of player I want to have on the server, and so I've removed md_kiev's temp ban, and extended it to permenant - I'd much rather lose a player like that & keep the server free of a toxic player so that everyone else enjoys it more.

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