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By MatthewKilp » over 2 years ago

EDIT: There still appears to be some issues & this may not be working yet. This will be sorted as soon as it can be, and the time available will be extended to a point 92 days ahead of when the feature is working properly. This issue has been resolved.

As was mentioned in my previous posts in regards to the changes to command block access, any month in which the server hosting costs are fully funded by donations will mean that everyone has access to command blocks, as opposed to just donators. Last month, we reached just over 300% of our donation goal, and hence we've enabled access to command blocks for everyone for the next 3 months (from start of July to end of September). This period lasts 92 days, and as I'm a day or so late adding this, will span through to the 2nd of October i believe. All commands that are enabled for donators with the exception of spawning mobs are enabled for all users during this period.

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