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By MatthewKilp » over 2 years ago

UPDATE: The changes mentioned in the original post below have now gone into effect - this is sooner than originally planned, however is the way things have worked out. Now, command blocks are available to all existing & future donators, in addition to everyone in a month in which donations are funding hosting costs. There is however 1 exception, being that every default user can claim one month of free access to command blocks on under the 'extras' section. Please note that this is limited to 1 use per player at this stage in time, so use it wisely. 

As per one of my previous posts (, we alerted everyone of the chance that the availability of command blocks may change on the server. This is due to both a lack of funding to support our hosting costs from donations, in addition to the updates to our command block system costing us money: as things stood, this was unsustainable.

As per the previous post, we alerted all users that a continued lack of donations would result in us re-considering the way that permissions for using Command blocks were distributed. In the past month or so, whilst monitoring the donations, we received no funding, and hence our decision will go ahead at the end of this month to change the way things are.

As it stands, our decision will be assign command block access to all donators from the end of this month, and regular users will lose access to this feature - any existing command block creations should continue to function, all that will change is your ability to enter commands into a command block. However, after some consideration into things, we have decided to change things from how they were proposed slightly. We have now decided that in every month following a month where our hosting costs have been 100% funded by donations, access for command blocks will be granted to all users. This way, we should hopefully be able to sustain our operating costs more than currently, whilst not completely eliminating access to the feature for anyone who is unable to donate. In addition, any month where donations exceed the hosting costs will be kept aside & be counted towards future months - e.g. if we receive 200% funding in one month, everyone will have access to command blocks will for the proceeding 2 months.

Sorry about any inconvenience that this change may have, however after a while of consideration, our staff team have decided this is the best solution in terms of long-term sustainability of the server.

Let me know of any other queries you may have.


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