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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 2 years ago

UPDATE: Server back up and running after approximately 12 hours of downtime - sorry for the inconvenience this service outage may have caused.

Hi all,

Just a quick update that hopefully isn't needed for much longer, but I feel that it makes sense posting here as this is the next place people will turn for information. As of earlier today, our database server became unreachable over the network due to our provider experiencing some unknown issues. The failure of the main database subsequently dragged down the whole of the network along side it due to it being required for a majority of data storage tasks on the server, hence the server being online & unreachable.

It has been decided that once my exams are over (as planned before), we will begin migrating all data over from our Los Angeles based database server to be in Canada, where our main server is located. Alongside of this, we will be upgrading from MySQL to MariaDB, which should bring some performance increases to the data connection, as well as reducing latency & time for execution of some tasks, alongside reducing our network bandwidth by around 300GB per month. This database location was used at the time we were on shared hosting after one provider lost our SQL data, and hasn't been replaced yet, so there is quite a high need to get this sorted out, which we now plan to do.

I'll keep you updated on this & try getting the server back up and running at the earliest stage possible.


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