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By MatthewKilp » over 4 years ago


I am writing because as far as I know over the next 5 or so days we should be having some massive improvments. Firstly, SkyBlock should be re-released with some new features, such as more challenges, trading with other players, and ways of getting obsidian so you can visit the nether!

Furthermore, I believe our first step towards the new network backend will be coming into effect. This means you will be able to vote for vote tokens, which can buy you items, more plots, minigame kits (when minigames is back), and more!
When survival is back (hopefully before mid October), we will have McMMO, and stats from that will be synced with the web server so you can view your stats on your profile page, as well as other things such as bans / punishments / tokens being synced.

Last but not least, we are hoping to add command blocks to plots (with a system that wil stop them being abused or used wrongly), so we will be testing this on our test server over the coming days and optimising it ready for release soon.

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