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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 2 years ago

Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that today is the 3rd birthday of the server! I'm proud to have seen the server go through this what I see as fairly long journey (after all, the server has been around for 18.75% of my life), and the huge changes that it has seen along its journey. Back in 2014, we started off as a nameless server, running survival. Shortly after, the name was changed to CozyCraft (I seem to rememer American spelling despite all staff being British at that point). Shortly after, in August of that year, we switched over to becoming the burrow, with an assortion of minigames, survival, and creative plots (32x32 blocks - nothing like now!). 

Fast foward to May 2015, and I feel that's around when we switched our focus to what it's on now: creative. Around this point we saw the introduction of 500x500 plots, free world edit (shortly followed by voxel sniper, and later command blocks). A few months foward was our worst period in terms of data loss: 2 of our hosts in a period of 2 months were hacked (by eachother), and we suffered some data loss - in a positive note, this lead to us taking daily backups of all data to prevent this happening again.

It's been nice to see the server grow over this time, from being for friends of mine from real life (believe it or not that was a thing) to growing to having seen over 3,000 unique players from all over the world. And, I hope that the journey will continue over the next few years: hopefully with some significant improvements in the next few months once all of my exams are out of the way. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has chosen to play on the server and stay with us, despite the few issues from time to time.

We're currently holding a 40% off sale on ranks on our store to celebrate / give something back for your support (whilst also providing us funding to help keep the server running) - please consider donating over at - there will be a 25% off sale for the rest of the week after the 1st May has ended,

Need support? Email [email protected] or open a thread on our website.