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IGN: DigiAyla
By DigiAyla » over 2 years ago

Hi there, Inimici speaking,

I've been playing for a week or two now, joined to play with friends.
Yesterday however I might have accidentally corrupted my inventory (something to do with a chest that has an NBT tag of 7 trillion, idk rly) that causes me - and others in my loaded chunks - to crash instantly as soon I log online.
I think this can be resolved by either clearing my inventory through an outside source, or by going into the server files and removing my playerdata (might have some problems with my plot etc after that though)

Thanks for reading this,
Looking forward seeing this get potentially fixed,


(edit: This might be unclear, but the player with problems is Inimici , this account - DigiAyla - is simply an alt)

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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 2 years ago

I believe this issue should be fixed now (as discussed over Discord). If this issue is to come up again, feel free to open up another thread (or contact me over Discord) & I'll try to assist you.
Thread closed, as the issue should now be resolved.

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