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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 3 years ago

Hello all!

This is just going to be a quick post (unlike the rest of the posts I've made on this site) to inform you that after it being requested to me yesterday by @Lx35z, we now have a snapshot Creative server open for anyone to play on. For those of you who don't know, 'snapshot' game releases are new pre-release versions of the game - this is where you are able to test things that will be included in the Minecraft 1.11 update. We intend to keep the server updated & running on the latest snapshot version at all times, and if people use it, we will provide this server all the time alongside our main server.

SERVER IP: (see what I did with the port there, it's the same as the numbers in the snapshot version :) ) Mojang made a new version, port the same, but has no meaning anymore.

If you are interested in joining but don't know how to use snapshot versions, there's a tutorial here << that instructs you through launching it.

Need support? Email [email protected] or open a thread on our website.