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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 4 years ago


It's been a while with many changes so i'm briefly outlining what has been / will be happening.

  • Final stages of all servers back in operation!
  • Donator ranks being redone and more perks (features) coming for them including disguises in creative, and gadgets at spawn!
  • Website re-theming
  • Token system being re-introduced for voting soon, allowing you to vote and get extra plots!
  • Website registration can be done, i'll manually verify accounts.

Furthermore, some staff and I are starting to learn coding languages (I'm learning PHP, some CSS, and more HTML (web languages) , as well as java (for plugins) and python (needed for the computer science GCSE course i'm on), and I believe jammydodgers is attempting java too (I think I accidently sent him to learn javascript indecision), so there should be custom content on the way in the future!

I plan on boosting advertising in October as well as a sale on the store to celebrate the release of new ranks, so stay tuned!

Need support? Email [email protected] or open a thread on our website.