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By MatthewKilp » over 3 years ago


I believe that this is a feature that quite a few people have been requesting for a while now, and we have finally introduced it - we now allow links to be sent in chat.

Our current system is a whitelist of sites allowed - a whitelist is where only certain site URLs can be posted, and all other sites that aren't defined by us can't be posted. Sites such as YouTube and all links to anything we host (such as our website, donation store, and now link shortener) are allowed in chat by default, as we know these are trustworthy sites, and there is extremely little risk of visiting these sites.

Up until now, you've only been able to post links to those 2 sites, which I understand can be quite limiting. In order to make the allowed links on server chat less restricting, whilst I understand the current method isn't the most ideal, we've introduced a link shortener,, or . Links on these domains are allowed to be sent in chat. In order to create a link, visit one of the links above, and then enter the URL you want to be able to send, and click the submit button. If you filled out the information correctly, a link will have been created, and you will be taken to a page containing the short link to the URL you entered, such as or . Whilst the URL containing the server name may seem more trustworthy, the other link (my personal domain) is a lot shorter, so it should mean you can have a longer message rather than a long link.

When another member clicks on the link, they will be taken to a page which shows them a preview icon of the site, as well as showing them the URL that the link will redirect them to. This is there once again as a safety measure, to ensure that users get the chance to see what they are about to visit, for example so they can see that the page looks like what it should, and isn't a download page.

Whilst we can't ensure that all links shortened on our platform are 100% safe, we feel that this system is a lot more safe than allowing any link to be posted in the server chat, as it at least gives you a chance to see where you are going, as allowing any link in chat could allow masked links.

We are also working on blacklisting sites (stopping use of them) from our link shortener that we deem unsafe or age inapropriate. We will be expanding our collection of safe site links to other video sharing sites such as Vimeo, Twitch, and Beam, as well as other sites such as Imgur.

In summary:

  • Any direct link to a site able to be posted in server chat has been approved by us (the site, not necessarily that page), and is safe to click
  • Clicking links from our link generator,, will allow you to preview the site before visiting it, and is therefore safe to click
    • It is impossible for anything on our link generator to automatically download a file to your computer until you click the button that sends you to the site
  • We are adding more allowed sites in game
  • We are going to block bad sites from the link generator┬á

Need support? Email [email protected] or open a thread on our website.