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IGN: 2128
By 2128 » over 3 years ago

Hey Matt,

I recently logged on the creative server and noticed some griefing on my plot, also some innapropriate things (Signs) being placed that I didn't know about. If you could come check this out that would be great. Also, there were some things created that I asked for my trusted members not to do on my plot. Some were alright, but others I didn't like or approve of and my suspicion of these things were from your recent Mod, PolarBearsHD. Now, I don't want to blame him but these are not extreme things that he would do. So it would be great to help me out a bit. I did accidentally break some builds, so you might not be able to figure it out. If you want, I can rebuild them as close as I can. 

The players that I know are trusted on my plot are domobear19, PolarBearsHD, and Cookie_Monster2. 

Thanks so much for the server too! yessmiley




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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 3 years ago


Thanks for informing me about this - I'll take a look into who does this, however i'd be greatful if you could give me the co-ordinates of the signs so I can identify who placed them, as I am finding it diffucult to locate them on your plot due to a lot of activity of blocks placed over the past few days in your plot. I'll inform you of anything I find once you've given me the co-ordinates (unless 1.9 has caused issues with our logging system, which by the looks of things hasn't happened).

Thanks for contacting us,


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