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By MatthewKilp » over 3 years ago

EDIT: Mojang have delayed the release until the 29th February because apparently it being a leap year is a good enough excuse to postpone the release.

Hello all,

As you may be aware, yesterday Mojang announced an official release data for Minecraft 1.9 (more about that here:, the 25th February, which is 1 week away from when I am making this post. I decided to make this post to inform people on what will be happening in the mean time, and to give some estimates on when we will be updated, along with other client side modifications players may be using.

The update to 1.9 will most likely be quicker overall (for not just our server, others too) than it took before most servers were on 1.8 - Spigot, the 'server side Minecraft' which we run off, has been tracking Mojang's 1.9 snapshots over the past few months, in order to get their version released as soon as possible - they have predicted it will be ready 1 day after Mojang release 1.9.

Once the Spigot 1.9 build has been released, we will be aiming to duplicate all server files onto a testing environment, and we will be running tests to see if everything is functioning correctly with the new update (such as plugins, ect). If everything is successful, we will aim to push out an update by Saturday at the latest (2 days after release). However, if we encounter any issues with major features (small features that aren't required to make the server run will just be temporarily removed until they are working), we will have to put the update on hold until the plugin developers update their plugins, which could take a week or more.

BungeeCord, the software used by us to link multiple servers together, may also require some updates in order to function with 1.9, however we presume this should be released fairly soon too as it is maintained by the same developers as Spigot, and I doubt there have been many changes to the things BungeeCord handles.

In regards to client side modifications - e.g. shaders and optifine - I presume their developers will be actively working to push out updates to those mods as soon after Mojang release 1.9 as they can, so I suggest keeping checking their websites for any update related news.

TL;DR - We will be updating, however it may be further behing mojang's release depending on how many issues we encounter.

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