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By MatthewKilp » over 3 years ago

UPDATE: Due to some people not taking rules seriously, we are making the punishments for breaking them more severe - e.g. if you tell people to join another server now, you will get muted for 1 day, rather than a warning.

Hello all,

I have been made aware that there has been a lot of confusion about the server rules, and what is, and isn't allowed, so I decided to make a post stating the rules as of now, and expanding on them in more detail.

  1. Don't use inapropriate language or offend / deliberately annoy other players
    • This rule is in place to ensure no one feels uncomfortable playing on our servers. In this case, inapropriate language includes swearing, racism, ect. Whilst we have a swear protection system in place, we are aware it is bypassable (which is being fixed), so bypassing the swear filter will result in punishments. Whilst some people are against this rule, we have some young players on the network, and parents don't want their children seeing this kind of language.
  2. Don't use hacks / hacked clients
    • This rule is mainly in place for minigames, survival, and game modes where having client side modifications gives you an unfair advantage to other players. Whilst we currently tolerate it in creative, please don't abuse hacks there or on any other server. We are aware of issues regarding instant kill potions, and whilst we are working to block these, we encourage all players to use /god‚Äč to toggle god mode¬†to protect you from these potions - people using the potions, please bear in mind repeatedly killing a player is annoying to them, and therefore breaks rule 1 - if you are found to be spam killing with these potions you can get punished.
  3. No advertising other servers or giving out their IPs
    • We believe this rule is fairly self explanatory - just don't mention any other servers - this includes chat, private messages, mail, ect. This includes names, not only the IP, and applies to any other Minecraft server not under our ownership - this even applies to servers you don't own.¬†Whilst we are fine with links to sites like YouTube, any URLs / IPs / domains mentioned in chat linking to another server will result in actions being taken.
  4. Don't spam chat, messages, or commands
    • Again, this should be easy to follow - don't repeat the same message, or post a lot of messages in a short period of time. Whilst our chat filter is fairly lenient at this point in time, as we know it can be annoying for commands to be limited, if anyone is found abusing this, we will limit the rate at which you can send messages and commands - everyone else can carry on as normal - you'll be the one you've annoyed if you do this.
    • Spamming messages is referring to mail and personal messages - just because it's in private, doesn't make spam acceptable.
  5. Don't deliberately cause lag
    • This rule is referring mainly to large redstone contraptions aimed to cause strain on the server, and cause a TPS drop. Client side framerate drop because of redstone or entities doesn't necessarily mean it is causing lag to the server, if you think someone may have built something aimed at causing server side lag, please tell a staff member.
  6. Don't ask for ranks, staff, or OP
    • This isn't really that bad thing, but it's just annoying. Asking staff constantly for ranks, staff or OP is just wasting their time at the end of the day. We don't give out ranks to people who ask, the only times we will give someone a donator rank without them donating is when we run public giveaways. Giving you a paid rank for free isn't fair on those who have paid for them, nor is it financially advisable - it does cost a lot to run servers.
    • Asking¬†for staff is annoying. If you want staff, please sign up to our site, and go to to see how to apply for staff. If you constantly ask for staff, and then apply, you stand less chance of being accepted. Same goes, if after you apply you are constantly asking if your application has been successful, your application has less chance of being accepted - please also be aware we don't know if you have been accepted until a position opens - if your application is good, all that happens is it isn't denied - then the strongest application will be given trial mod when we open a new staff position.
  7. No griefing (unless in a minigame)
    • Griefing is annoying. Just avoid it. Please be careful when adding people to your plots in creative, only add people you can trust: we have the tools to restore any damaged builds, however we aren't required to.
  8. Don't build inapropriate things
    • Again, we have young players, and we don't want to give them a bad influence. Inapropriate things include flags of terrorist groups, private body parts, and any rude words built out of blocks.
  10. Rule 9 is most important of all
    • Follow it. Just do it.
  11. Have fun!
    • At the end of the day, this is the reason why we are here: to provide you a fun, safe environment for you to enjoy yourselves in.

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