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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 4 years ago

Hello all!

A while back, we announced the release of Survival, and also the release of many other game modes. When asking, I did say that survival should be up this week, however I have chosen to slightly delay the release of it, more details will be outlined in this post.

Firstly, there are a few issues on the server. Whilst I have been able to fix some, thorugh testing is ideal to take place to ensure you don't find you are unable to play to the best experience. There are also some backend (how the server works, you don't see this side of things) issues that I'd like to check over before the release too, such as the way databases are named, as I'd prefer not to have to mess around with things after survival is open.
We will also be conducting a test with a few members, to make sure all the usual commands work and aren't blocked, plus all the commands that shouldn't be enabled aren't.
Last but not least, I need to finalise a set of server-specific rules. Whilst this wasn't necessary for creative as you own all the plot and no one can grief, last time we had survival there was a lot of arguments, and there wasn't a simple solution due to the rules we had in place not being the best. This meant I had to change rules around after it opened, which too annoyed players, as the world was also reset because there was an exploit there due to me not testing the server properly.

To conclude, I want to ensure that nothing is messed up this time we release a feature, to ensure none of your work or time is wasted, and everything goes as planned, and so items aren't lost or such.

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