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By MatthewKilp » over 4 years ago

Hello once again all!

As you may be aware, christmas is fast approaching, so I feel its time to announce what is happening at The Burrow for christmas this year. Last year, we ran a rank giveaway, which proved fairly popular amoungst the community, so as I feel nice I thought why not do it again.

Using the widget in this forum post, you are able to enter for a change to win one of a few ranks. At the time of posting, we are intending to give away one Redstone rank, and one Lapis rank, or the equivelant of store credit in the instance someone would rather upgrade their rank, if they have one. Based on the amount of people who enter, the prizes are subject to change, meaning if this becomes popular more ranks will be given away. Please note you require to register on our website, which is free and secure, in order to enter, if you claim to have an account and don't, your entry will be removed. You can gain extra entries via the options in the widget too!

It's not embedded, click HERE for the entry page. (in text that is

However, as we are unable to give away ranks to everyone, it is fairly costly running servers, we have started a sale on our store too, so you can enjoy getting a better rank for less than usual. Head over to, and you'll discover a whopping 50% off your purchase has been applied, plus some limited edition christmas gadgets, pets, mounts, particle effects, and hats, on our hub server, plus maybe a few more hidden suprises!

Need support? Email [email protected] or open a thread on our website.