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By MatthewKilp » 9 months ago

After having been in discussion for the past month or so regarding the options to ensure the best future for the server, we have decided that we will be merging with, another small creative server in the coming months. Below I’ve attempted to answer some questions that I believe are going to be commonly asked, however if I’ve missed anything then feel free to ask. Either I or Taylor (WoolCity owner) should be able to address any concerns.

Why merge?
Over the past year or so we’ve noticed a decline in the size of our community – from peaking in high teens to low 20s of players during peak hours to rarely passing 10 players online. Regrowing our community is part of the reason for merging, as a larger community is more attractive to new players, so should hopefully help with allowing the servers to grow in community size. Additionally, as a result of our shrinking player base, we’ve experienced a large shortfall in donations (£100, roughly 30% shortfall of funding for 2018 costs), and despite having attempted to downsize our costs for the start of 2019, the donations received were still far off our hosting requirements (roughly 28% of costs funded by donations), so it was clear that the server in its current state was not a sustainable option. Additionally, merging with WoolCity will result in a greater resource allocation to creative, so there should be significantly less errors such as out of RAM messages when attempting WorldEdit operations than there are currently.

Will I keep access to insert command here?
For the majority of plugins that you have access to currently (WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, essentials teleport commands ect), you will remain with access to these after the merge has been completed. Some less used plugins may be removed, and any plugins which are incompatible with servers running on 1.13 will not be available for the time being, though may be re-added in the future (for example goBrush will be unavailable until either a public 1.13 release is available, or a donation goal has been reached cover the costs of buying access to the 1.13 development builds of the plugin).

Will the plot world be transferred?
Yes. The plot world will be transferred and once 1.13 world is ready users will be required to express an interest in having their plots moved to the new world.

What will happen to the current plot server?
Until the new 1.13 plot world on WoolCity is ready for use, our plot world will be hosted by WoolCity on their server. Once the WoolCity plot world is ready, we will disable new plots being claimed on the current plot world, and will disable new players joining – this will be the stage at which we allow players to start to transfer plots over to WoolCity.

Will versions other than 1.13 be able to connect to the plot world?
Yes – if all goes to plan versions of Minecraft prior to 1.13 should be able to connect, and 1.13 users should finally(!) be able to use the new 1.13 items.

I’m a banned / muted user. Will my punishment remain active?

I am a donator – what’s happening with my purchases?
If you purchased additional plots, all of your plots will be transferable to WoolCity. In terms of ranks, we are still in the process of deciding which of 2 routes to take: transferring ranks with the majority of perks as they are over, or allocating all rank owners the equivalent donation store credit as their rank costs for use on the WoolCity store. Some perks that were rarely used will most likely not be continued post merge (e.g. arrow trails, trails), however we aim to provide a way to obtain the more useful donator perks: whether these remain donator- only, or become a feature all users can access. Updates will follow on this topic once we’ve worked out the best route forwards.

Are current server staff becoming staff on WoolCity?
Staff have been given the option to continue their role once the merge has been completed, whether they continue in their position remains their choice. If they do decide to continue, they’ll need to go through some onboarding quests and meet the requirements for being staff on WoolCity. I will be continuing helping out with the creative server at WoolCity to ensure the merge goes to plan, however am not sure how much time I will be able to dedicate to the server in the long term.

Once again I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about this merge, and updates will follow on the progress of things. A massive thank you to the 10,000+ players who’ve joined in the past 4 and a half years – hopefully we can keep this number growing once we’re with WoolCity.



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