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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » over 4 years ago

Hi all!

Firstly, I'd like to say a merry christmas to you all, its geting closer as we speak.

Recently, we've had 2 major issues that are being dealt with as soon as they can be.

COMPLETE - At 7:00PM GMT tonight (2/12/15), I will be taking the network down shortly for maintainence. You may be able to connect, however there may, which is likely, be a network outage disconnecting you from us while this is going on, as we are trying to fix the issue that occurs whilst we protect our network more.

RESLOVED - Also, our donation provider is having large scale issues, preventing us creating our christmas deals and discounts. They aim to get this sorted shortly, however this is out of our hands, so sadly we are unable to speed up the rate they are able to recover their domain at.

Need support? Email [email protected] or open a thread on our website.