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IGN: stiflerdog
By stiflerdog » about 1 year ago

Hi, my nick is StiflerDog, I decide to create this build contest so I can see the true potential of the players on this server, so for this I offer the prize of 15GBP in credits of the burrow store for the winner and 10GBP for the second place. Please read everything to participate.

The theme is: "Castlevania"

If you want to participate this contest the rules are:

  • No group submissions;
  • The plot must be owned by you;
  • Only one building per person;
  • No pixel art;
  • The terrain around and interior will be judged as well;
  • World edit and voxel sniper¬†are¬†allowed;
  • The building must be made on the burrow server;
  • Any kind of copy / paste command will not be allowed (such as: brush copy, stack command, schematica, or anything that can be used to place a copied build, (even if that build was made by you)) (Admins can help me to find if there was a cheating);
  • The build must have been made within the 18/11/2018 - 18/12/2018;
  • If you already have a donor¬†rank, you can give the prize to a player of your choice or upgrade your own rank;
  • optionally you can convert the prize into store credit so you can spend it as you wish (15¬£ to the first and 10¬£ to the second)
  • Standard rules of the burrow server apply as well.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will lead to disqualification, and in case of cheating, the rank will be removed without any prior notice. Not knowing a rule is not an excuse.

The builds will be judge on 19/12/2018, so, keep the build on the plot till the judgment is made

The criteria is:

  • Creativeness
  • Size
  • Structure complexity.
  • Details (inside and outside).
  • Terrain around.
  • *Bonus points to any inclusion of redstone*.

Please observe that I'm not part of the burrow's staff team.

To submit the build the format is:

  • IGN: Your in game name
  • Plot id: To know the plot id¬†use /p2 info, or /plot info
  • Name of the build (optional)
  • Pictures or videos of the build. (So i can know which build i need to look for)

To submit a build send a private msg on discord id: stiflerdog#1518 ,¬†or send an email to : [email protected]

Ask me on discord if you have any questions or concerns.

Good luck heart



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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » about 1 year ago

I can confirm that all of the store credit being offered in this contest is valid, and would like to thank StiflerDog for being so generous and funding this. Good luck to anyone entering!

Need support? Email [email protected] or open a thread on our website.

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IGN: stiflerdog
By stiflerdog » about 1 year ago

Update (19/12/2018): so.. this is my pc right now

My graphic card died last week, and now i cannot play minecraft, so i can join in to make a review of the builds today, then the deadline will be extended to 18/01/2019 , any already submited build can be modify untill then , sorry for this, and good luck everyone

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IGN: stiflerdog
By stiflerdog » about 1 year ago

Hello again, im here to announce the winners , sadly my pc wont come back from the dead (i may need to buy a new one) but here i am.


The deadline is over today, and the winner of this building contest is:

BoyleColin212, For the amazing build "Atlantis". the build is very well detailed and have a good structural complexity, but the size of this build that secure his victory, well done!

The second place goes for:

RulerOfMobs, for the unamed build, those spilkes you create was an interesting idea, and that was really well applied to the build at all, good job!

many thanks for all the entries, they were all exceptional