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IGN: ImNess123456789
By ImNess123456789 » 11 months ago

What the feature is (e.g. I would like to be able to set my plot time.): Elemental abilities. The 7 elements are:

Nature, Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Air and Electric. Some abilities would be:

  • Nature - Nature's Shield - Makes a size 5 sphere of different leaves and wood around you with a hole in the middle, disappears after 10 seconds.
  • Fire - Forest Fire - Sets all nearby wood on fire for 5 seconds, without any permanant damage.
  • Water - Tsunami - A huge tsunami of water that deals damage washes over entities with the user on top. No permanant damage.
  • Ice - Freeze Frame - Freezes all nearby dirt, grass or sand into snow and all air and water into ice in a 5 block radius, lasts 3 seconds, effects are reversed.
  • Earth - Earthquake - Makes a 3 wide, bedrock-deep and 11 block long hole, which is fixed after 15 seconds.
  • Air - Upwards Draft - It blows you upwards 50 blocks quickly but not instantly, along with other entities nearby, good for elytra gliding.
  • Electric - Thunderstorm - It strikes nearby entities with lightning a few time, before the weather turning clear.

Where the feature you want is on the server, or if it is across all servers (e.g. I would like this feature on the creative server.): Creative.

Who the feature should be for, whether this is everyone, donators, staff, or as a reward for voting (e.g. I think this should be a reward for voting for the server.) Same as the last ability post.

Why you want the feature (e.g. I think this would be a good idea so we aren't limited to just day on our plots.) For my plot but I guess it'd work in other ways too.

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IGN: ImNess123456789
By ImNess123456789 » 10 months ago

@MatthewKilp hello?

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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » 10 months ago


Thank you for your feature requests, and sorry for the delay in response: I've just got back home, and have only been dealing with the essential things whilst away. Overall, I'm not sure that these features would be of use to too many players, and so I currently don't see it likely that these will be added, however if you find a few other people who are interested, just let me know, as it will be more likely for features to be added if multiple users are requesting them.


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