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IGN: dannypat123
By dannypat123 » about 1 year ago

I was playing on the creative server at 5pm AEST on Wednesday and a user by the name Guan_winters killed me with a potion even though I was in creative. He was demonstrating how to use it and if I wanted it. Supposedly many people have it and that an admin said it was ok but I just think that it would be a gamebreaking item to own. 


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IGN: SigningUp
By SigningUp » about 1 year ago

I think potions only work on your plot or plots you're trusted on, so if they are trusted/added to your plot they can use it. It is a splash potion of instant health and the amplifier is so high it kills the player.

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IGN: MatthewKilp
By MatthewKilp » about 1 year ago

Whilst we don't currently explicitally have rules against the use of potions, we do have rules against deliberately annoyimg other users - which repeated use of a death potion without consent would come under, and so could be punishable depending on full details of the event. We also provide access to /god which should make you immune to death potions - if this command isn't helping then please let me know so I can try and find another fix.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to fully regulate items which players can obtain on a creative server, so unless something is being used to repeatedly cause issues to players, there is very little we are able to do.



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