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By MatthewKilp » over 4 years ago

EDIT: Oops, the old post is only on our old web server, let me recover it!


Yesterday, there was a post put on the site about the issues we had encountered, and how it would take us a while to be back online. I am proud to announce that today we got ourself our hands on a new server! I'm afraid it's in the US, so EU players may have their ping increased by around 100, however I assure you the server in general will perform better.

We have made a payment to our new provider, and are waiting manual verification and server deployment before we go about setting up the server ready for use. I have heard the provider may take weeks to set it up, however hopefully it is only a few days. We aim to have everything back up and running by Sunday, if it is actually possible for us to do so, and we will release some new features soon after! We have a better performing server now with capability to handle more servers, and potentially players, so who knows what is coming your way in the upcoming months.

Happy waiting (and hopefully soon playing!)


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