Free WorldEdit & VoxelSniper / Large 500x500 plots / Schematic import & export


The Burrow started out as a small server in May 2014. Since then, we've grown significantly, from being a small server for a few friends to play on to being a server attracting players from across the globe, attracting upwards of 5,000 unique players since launch.

Here are some key details of our server which may be of use:

  • Hosted in Canada (East coast) - good network connectivity to America & Europe
  • Backups of all server files taken daily (stored locally & offsite) incase of hardware failures / corrupt files
  • Long lived - we've been around since May 2014, and have no plans to dissapear any time soon
  • Supporting game versions 1.8-1.13 (latest version always recommended), with all blocks from the 1.12 update
Server IP:
The server hub


A build on a player's plot (-1;25)

Creative is the primary gamemode of our server. We aim to provide as much freedom as possible to our players in terms of tools to assist them while they are building on our network - below are what we feel are some of the most important things we offer:

  • Large 500x500 plots - claim up to 4 on join - these are mergeable
  • Free WorldEdit access (including copy, paste, set & most key features)
  • Redstone enabled
  • Free VoxelSniper access
  • Ability to import & export WorldEdit schematics through our website
  • Access to /headsdb for a GUI of decorative player heads
  • Access to /blocks to get a GUI of 'secret' minecraft blocks not usually gainable from the creative menu
  • /speed access (up to 10x regular speed) - the plots were that big that we needed this!