Hello everyone.

I've only come to notice that over the past week (well, since this Tuesday as far as I'm aware), our Creative server has been having some issues and keeps becoming unreachable. I remember first being alerted of this on Tuesday evening whilst out, and fixed it, but came to realise that the server had been offline today. The creative server has gone down a few times more since then.

I am currently working to resolve this issue as soon as I can - I understand how annoying this must be for everyone. I'm keeping an eye on console to see anything that could be causing the issue - the server isn't crashing as it would be restarting, but rather is stopping running mid-process.

In order to help us out with this, I'd appreciate it if you alert me if you are unable to connect to the server at any point so I can resolve the issue as soon as possible - either contact me through our website, our Discord (can be found on the website home page), email ([email protected]), or Skype (matthewkilpatrick12345).

Hello everyone!

While the updates most people look foward to are usually new features and bug fixes (which are still being worked on by the way), sadly a few people feel the need to break the server rules. In order to stop some of these messages reaching our players, we have started work on making our chat filter work again to try and force users to comply with the server rules. Sadly, the time taken to impliment the chat filter takes away from the time we have to work on new features - blame the people here for that.

We've had the chat filter in the past, and one of the things we've noticed is that people are always determined to get their message through to chat, even after the server warns them what they are trying to say is against the rules. This is the reason behind the main change we'll be making to the chat filter.

In the past, the chat filter just warned you. Sadly, we feel this wasn't effective, so here's what will happen as of when we deploy the new chat filter in response to certain rule breaks:

  • Swearing / racist language - message blocked, automatically muted for 4 hours.  whilst we make sure nothing is being set off incorrectly & to get players used to this, it's currently at 1 hour.
  • Excessive caps (5+ in a row) - message made lowercase (not that serious offense, but is being dealt with)
  • Mentioning other server names -epending on the grouping of the server on the filter, one of the following could apply:
    • Message blocked
    • Kick & message blocked
    • 5 minute to 1 hour mute & message blocked

The main reason for automatic mutes is to prevent what we found happening a lot: players changing some letters in the blocked words around to bypass the filter. Now, they will have to wait for 4 hours to do so. However, I am aware people will still attempt this, so here are the current plans for chat filter bypass punishments as they stand:

  • 1st offence - 48 hour mute (2 days)
  • 2nd offence - 7 day mute (1 week)
  • 3rd offence+ - 1 month mute

Whilst these may seem extreme, we've tried to be nice, and it's not worked that well. These punishments will be un-changable: you will have to put up with it until the end, no getting out of it. Furthermore. we will be adding any bypasses you use to the blocked list of words, so that they can't be used again. The automatic punishments will only apply to certain things we feel the filter won't have any false-positives for, however some actions may be blocked & not punished .

Hello all!

This is just going to be a quick post (unlike the rest of the posts I've made on this site) to inform you that after it being requested to me yesterday by @Lx35z, we now have a snapshot Creative server open for anyone to play on. For those of you who don't know, 'snapshot' game releases are new pre-release versions of the game - this is where you are able to test things that will be included in the Minecraft 1.11 update. We intend to keep the server updated & running on the latest snapshot version at all times, and if people use it, we will provide this server all the time alongside our main server.

SERVER IP: (see what I did with the port there, it's the same as the numbers in the snapshot version :) ) Mojang made a new version, port the same, but has no meaning anymore.

If you are interested in joining but don't know how to use snapshot versions, there's a tutorial here << that instructs you through launching it.

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I've posted on here, and I felt like giving everyone an update on what's been happening. I've not got much free time at the moment, nor will I over the next year due to a lot of revision for exams, so I'm currently trying to work out the best way to update the most things without using too much time.

The first update: We're trialling in game adverts. I understand these can be annoying in certain ways, however I believe that our method may be fairly nice. To start with, we have introduced billboard style adverts at the server spawn - that's on the hub server, and on creative. These ads will only work for US residents, however anyone else just sees a server image. If you are in the US, I'd appreciate it if you view an advert by going to spawn - it can make a difference to our funding.

As well as billboard adverts, we also have video adverts. These are available in most countries. Every 20 minutes or so, a message will be displayed in chat to remind players this feature is available. You are then able to run the command /ad . This will give you a link, in which you watch a video advert online. If you watch it, you will be awarded a reward. At the moment, this is vote tokens - there are different probablilities of different awards, so you can currently get between 1 and 10 for watching an advert. However, in future when other gamemodes are released, there may be small probabilities of getting other rewards, such as a sword in survival. The current cooldown between watching ads is every 10 minutes, so watch as many as you like! Note: if no advert is available, you won't get a reward. Sorry.

Advertising aside, the main thing I'm working on at the moment is survival. If you haven't already, please complete our survey at - what certain things are based on is entirely dependant on what the majority of players want, so you still have a change to try and get things to be exactly how you want them.


You may have noticed over the past day the server has either been offline, or not working correctly. We have come to the conclusion our database server is having issues, which shouldn't be happening. We are in contact with our database host about the issues which we believe caused our service to un necesarrily to be put offline temporarily.

The server will be back in function at the latest of tomorrow, however I am pushing our host to resolve the issue now.

Text below this point will be updated to show progress (if any)

  • Offered to pay to get server online now
    • Host asking why I want to do that