Today I'm going to be addressing what is currently the most asked question I'm seeing on the server, which I'm asked a few times a day (and I can totally understand why people are wanting an answer to this) - when will 1.12 block support be out?

Minecraft 1.12 was released on June 7th this year, almost 3 months ago at this stage. Whilst we were able to quickly add support for 1.12 clients connecting to the server within a matter of hours of the release of this version, we waited to add support for 1.12 items themselves, as in addition to server updates being available, we have to ensure that all of the core plugins which our server relies on are compatible with 1.12 so the server continues to function as expected. Shortly after the release (a few days or so), all but one plugin were working with 1.12, this being the command block plugin, which we rely on to enforce plot restrictions on the commands which can be executed by command blocks.

Up to this stage, we are still waiting for the command block plugin to be compatible with 1.12, and are unsure as to when the update will be made available. The plugin developer has been paid to update the plugin by another server a few weeks back, and are still waiting for the update, and are unsure as to whether the update will ever be released. This is in addition to whether the currently blocked commands (such as setblock) will be safe to be enabled again.

Last update we made we removed command blocks in favour of supporting Minecraft 1.11, and had complaints about the removal of command blocks. This time round it was the other way round: command blocks stayed, yet players wanted 1.12 support (which is totally understandable in both ways). The difficult decision to make on my behalf is what decision is of most benefit overall to players, and causing the least anger / annoyance.

I'd love to hear what everyone has to say about this topic, whether you're a command block user or not, how much of an impact removing command blocks would have to your projects on the server, and your general views on this topic, so that the decision I make is one which will have the least possible negative impacts. We currently have a poll at to gather everyone's general view (please vote there!), but detailed comments will help a lot more. We will only take action once one side of the poll has clear majority of votes, which we currently have decided to be 75%. Even if command blocks are temporarily removed, there is always the possibility of them being added back when the plugin supports the Minecraft version the server is running.

Feel free to ask about certain commands you find useful - e.g. I've been asked about /give, which I will be able to grant access in some form or another for spawning items with Metadata as an alternative (although I can understand this won't be a sufficient command block replacement in all cases)

As a side note, I am aware we changed command blocks to be primarily a donator feature in May - if the removal of command blocks is to go ahead & you donated from a date between 1st May & the date of the update, you are welcome to contact us to receive a refund on your rank (excluding any PayPal fees there may be) & be demoted back to the default rank if this was a key factor affecting your purchase.

We've introduced a new & hopefully easy way for players to spawn in decorative heads from a pre-defined selection onto creative on our website! To use the feature, you need to be signed in (so log in / register), and head over to (accessible via the 'UserCP' navigation sidebar after selecting 'UserCP' on the dropdown under your name on the navigation bar). From there, select a category, find the head(s) that you want, and click the button to receive them in game almost instantly!

Update 2: as per request, an alternative, and probaby more useful method, of gaining decorative heads has also been added: by running the /headdb command on the server, you will be presented with a GUI of a wide variety of heads to chose from, with a search utility too.


This is just a quick update of something that's being worked on currently and should help out while on your server. We now have a command guide available here ( on our website (or under the 'other' dropdown menu on the navigation bar). This currently contains the basic commands on the server, and is being expanded to contain more and more useful information which should be able to help you, and new players out.

Hello everyone,

It has come to my attention that recently we've been having an increased number of newer players coming onto the server with the intention to attempt to crash it using WorldEdit commands (primarily //set). This usually involves filling the plot with entities that cause lag, such as redstone, ladders, or minecart rails. Up unitl this point, I've tried to keep WorldEdit as limitless as it can, as it's a small minority of players causing issues for the larger group of everyone, however this has increased to a level where I couldn't leave it untouched.

Effective immediately, a few of the common items being used to crash the server with WorldEdit (such as those mentioned above) have been blocked from use with //set with WorldEdit. You will still be able to copy and paste these, however //set will no longer work for a select few of additional items, such as those specified in the example list in the previous paragraph.

This should hopefully reduce the number of cases of crashes, and this list may be modified again if felt necessary. However, if the issues continue, we will have to consider further limitations on WorldEdit, such as requiring a certain playtime before gaining access to it, or registering on the site (or potentially something else) in an attempt to minimise the influx of players joining to crash the server, with no intention of returning after that.

EDIT: There still appears to be some issues & this may not be working yet. This will be sorted as soon as it can be, and the time available will be extended to a point 92 days ahead of when the feature is working properly. This issue has been resolved.

As was mentioned in my previous posts in regards to the changes to command block access, any month in which the server hosting costs are fully funded by donations will mean that everyone has access to command blocks, as opposed to just donators. Last month, we reached just over 300% of our donation goal, and hence we've enabled access to command blocks for everyone for the next 3 months (from start of July to end of September). This period lasts 92 days, and as I'm a day or so late adding this, will span through to the 2nd of October i believe. All commands that are enabled for donators with the exception of spawning mobs are enabled for all users during this period.