Hello everyone,

Whilst this change won't take effect immediately (if it is to happen), I feel like leaving advanced warning about this as it could be a fairly large change to some players.

At the time of writing, command blocks are a feature that are available to all players. All working commands, with the exception of summoning (to my knowledge) are available to more players. However, there is a chance that this may change in the future.

I understand that a change like this is extremely significant, hence the advanced warning if the change is to go ahead. However, as a server, we rely on donations to fund our server hosting costs. At this point in the year, we have received 2 donations (from what I remember), and this covers around 10% of our infrastructure costs for the portion of the year that has passed so far. This is extremely unsustainable long-term in terms of being able to keep the server running. Currently, I have tried to give all useful features for free, and some cool whilst not necessary features to donators, however based on the last 2 years or so of donations, this hasn't proved to help out much in hosting costs, with our average donations having decreased steadily over the past 24 months. Based on this, it is clear that our current donation reward system isn't helping keep the server running, and changes are needed.

I want to make it clear there are some features I have no intention of removing: these are the current plot sizes, free world edit access without donation / voting, as well as voxel sniper (+ most other core features I've forgot exist). However, in order to make things more sustainable, the most useful whilst not necessary feature that I see in place is command blocks, hence this consideration. Furthermore, as of a few weeks ago when we had to change command block system due to the old one being broken, we have started to have to pay for each update to the plugin when a new Minecraft version is out. With these updates equalling out to be as much as 1 month of hosting, this is another reason command blocks were the consideration to what we may make donator-only: they are now costing us money to keep working. If we aren't able to fund our hosting costs through donations, there's a chance that I won't be paying for the plugin to be updated, meaning command blocks could die out entirely, hence my thoughts as to this solution being slightly more ideal.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this, and anything that you feel would make donating more appealing - if there are any other suggestions which are better then I'll see how they go before removing features. However, if in the next few months our hosting costs are continually not met by donations, sadly command blocks will be made entirely donator only (or mostly, not yet decided), either permenantly or until we feel costs are sustaining themselves to allow access back to regular players. I am not doing this to annoy anyone, I'm trying to do this in the best interest of everyone: I see having a server lasting longer as more important than command blocks being free for everyone.

If you have any other questions on this topic, let me know.


Hello again everyone,
It's been a while since the last update on the website, and although not much has been going on behind the scenes due to me spending most my time preparing for my exams (starting in . days - it's come so quickly), there has been a small tweak to the chat filter that I feel is worth noting.

Up until now, the chat filter has only really been detecting English swear words, however it has come to my attention that other languages (primarily Dutch) are also used in chat, and so this is the basis of the update. From now, some basic swear words in common other languages will be blocked, and any bypasses will be blocked too.

When implimenting the rules, I checked the chat logs since August 2015 (when my records started) to check for any words containing parts of swear words, and excluded these from the filter to exclude as many false-positives as I could. However, as always, it won't be perfect, so please report any issues that you find straight to me so that they can be dealt with.

Hopefully we can role out a load more improvements over the coming months post my exams!


Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that today is the 3rd birthday of the server! I'm proud to have seen the server go through this what I see as fairly long journey (after all, the server has been around for 18.75% of my life), and the huge changes that it has seen along its journey. Back in 2014, we started off as a nameless server, running survival. Shortly after, the name was changed to CozyCraft (I seem to rememer American spelling despite all staff being British at that point). Shortly after, in August of that year, we switched over to becoming the burrow, with an assortion of minigames, survival, and creative plots (32x32 blocks - nothing like now!). 

Fast foward to May 2015, and I feel that's around when we switched our focus to what it's on now: creative. Around this point we saw the introduction of 500x500 plots, free world edit (shortly followed by voxel sniper, and later command blocks). A few months foward was our worst period in terms of data loss: 2 of our hosts in a period of 2 months were hacked (by eachother), and we suffered some data loss - in a positive note, this lead to us taking daily backups of all data to prevent this happening again.

It's been nice to see the server grow over this time, from being for friends of mine from real life (believe it or not that was a thing) to growing to having seen over 3,000 unique players from all over the world. And, I hope that the journey will continue over the next few years: hopefully with some significant improvements in the next few months once all of my exams are out of the way. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has chosen to play on the server and stay with us, despite the few issues from time to time.

We're currently holding a 40% off sale on ranks on our store to celebrate / give something back for your support (whilst also providing us funding to help keep the server running) - please consider donating over at - there will be a 25% off sale for the rest of the week after the 1st May has ended,

Hello everyone,

Over the past year or so, we've had our chat filter in place. Previously, the chat filter detected any swear words or server names mentioned in the chat, and would cancel the chat event, and inform you not to attempt to bypass the filter or you will be punished. To most people that bypassed the filter, they interpreted this to mean that the rules don't matter, there was no reason their chat message was cancelled, and went ahead to bypass the filter. This was happening way too often, and was taking up a lot of time to go through chat logs and give out several day long mutes to those bypassing the filter.

Now, this has changed. Upon a violation of the chat-based rules that the server automatically detects, a short mute is automatically given to the player. This is probably going to be kept between 5 to 10 minutes, but as the filter develops, this time period may be extended the more bypasses you have. I understand this being annoying to those players who accidentaly swear or mention a server name, and previously the filter would have helped to stop them breaking the rules, however more times than often people just ignored it, and a change was needed. The mute therefore makes it a lot harder for people to find variations of words that bypass the chat filter, whilst flagging up to staff to check that players chat logs for any potential bypass attempts.

I am also aware that players have been attempting to use signs and books to bypass this filter. This is not allowed. It is against the rules, as it counts as punishment evasion. Our staff are aware of this, and have permissions to take any books from your inventory to check, as well as teleporting to your plot to check for signs. I have, and will probably always, take attempts to bypass the chat filter more seriously than saying something that gets caught by the filter, and you will be punished if caught. At this point in time, I will probably be advising staff to give out a 1 day ban for bypassing the chat filter, however if it is noticed that this is becoming regular, this will be extended to 1 week, a month, and if that doesn't work, permenant.

This may seem strict, but our current approach at being nice to players has failed to enforce the rules, and therefore things needed a change. Make sure you have read the rules using /rules & are following these (note about a month ago the wording of rules was changed to make them clearer). If you disagree with any of the server rules, don't just ignore the rules, instead contact me about them to explain why you disagree with the rules ([email protected]).

Just to clarify for any confusion on the rule about mentioning other servers: the rule applies to server names in chat, not just the server website or IP, and also the rule applies to servers even if you don't own them.

Hello everyone!

I've been getting asked this for a while, and today looked over this and wondered why I hadn't got round to doing this sooner. This is just a quick update to let you know that our creative server has been updated to support 1.11 items now, so enjoy the new items, and sorry about the delay in supporting this version.

That in itself isn't really news worthy, and I know that some players (although at this stage a minority) were still using versions 1.10 of minecraft, and that first paragraph may at first come across as a dissapointing piece of news to you. However, alongside support for 1.11 clients, as well as the 1.10 support that we previously had, I've gone ahead and enabled support for versions 1.8 and 1.9 too. So this means that now our creative server is accessible through from minecraft 1.8 to minecraft 1.11, with new features available still! These blocks will display differently in older minecraft versions & may not be placable in earlier versions than they originated from, however all in all this should allow more players to connect than previously, as well as having more features.

UPDATE: Command blocks have temporarily been disabled whilst we try to ensure their operation is safe & doesn't bypass plot restrictions. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause to you.

UPDATE 2: Command blocks are being messed around with in our testing environment - they are still bypassing all safety limits. We are going to compile the source code from GitHub to see whether the small updates there that haven't made it into any main release fix any of the issues.