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Hello everyone,

Earlier on this year, we launched a player feedback survey, which was shared through in-game announcements. We stopped sharing this recently, and have now had a chance to look over all of the responses submitted. 39 responses were submitted.

We did promise that we would give a donator rank to the best response received. Of the responses received, the users whose responses stood out most as the most detailed & constructive feedback were geraucht, CrazyNerd and Frui - all three of these users have now received an Iron rank for the quality of their responses.

In terms of the feedback received, some of the main points received are as follows - there are the things that we will be working to improve as soon as possible. Please note that there is a lot of text, so feel free to skip over this if you’re not interested in what people had to say.


- Finding the server - the majority of respondents (33.3%) were recommended to the server by a friend, followed by finding the server on google, and then minecraftservers.org. We plan to work on finding ways to optimise our search engine rankings for certain terms that potential players may be searching for - with the aid of the responses from the ‘what made the server stand out to you’ question, this should help us include key words in our pages that will show up when others are searching for the server. Despite only 2 respondents signifying finding the server on PlanetMinceraft, will be re-listing the server there soon (was de-listed automatically for no apparent reason a few weeks back), incase this is able to help us gain players.

- General experience: 97.4% of respondents selected either a positive or definitely positive overall experience on the server, and 1 respondent selected neutral. No negative options were selected for this question.

- Feature requests: GoPaint and GoBrush - we will work on adding these plugins over the next few weeks. Sitting on stairs was also requested. - we will look into adding a toggle able way of doing this in order to prevent it interfering with players building and accidentally sitting down - this will most likely either be a command to enable the option to sit, or a command to sit down in your current position. Building competitions were also requested - it’s probably worth considering us doing a few a year, and so I’ll start thinking about what themes could be, and what prizes will be - ideally I’d love to give some non-server store credit things away, but given how we pretty much run at a loss, I can’t really justify doing that.

- Game modes: the most popular game mode to be added by far was build battle, with 23 of 39 ranking this as something they are definitely interested in. This is what we will prioritise working on as a new feature. Also ranking fairly popular was our realistic city server, which is currently in the works, though will need a few months at the minimum before it is ready for release.

- Builder ranks: there was a large interest (around 70%) in this, and so we will be thinking through what the criteria for this will be, and what these ranks will get that isn’t included in the default rank.

- Ranks / donations: overall, no valuable feedback in this area - mostly people asking for ranks to be free / cheaper as reasons that would make them more likely to donate. I think the only way to tackle the pretty thin margins on expenses vs donations will be to try and attract more players going off this feedback. Whilst this point wasn’t on the survey, something that has also come to our attention as a potential method of funding the server is through Amazon’s affiliate program - this would mean players are able to use our link when shopping at Amazon, and at no extra cost to them, we would receive a small percentage of what they spend (somewhere between 1% and 5% of purchase costs), which could help out with funding significantly (and potential provide the funding for an actual prize for build contests). We are going to review Amazon’s terms further to see if our use case is allowed, as well as looking into the data affiliates get access to - it may be possible for us build a system to work out who has ordered using the link, and the value of their orders, and use this to allow users to gain ranks from their Amazon purchases - it would work out as around £150 spent at Amazon for 1 step up the rank ladder, however if you were already planning to purchase something on Amazon, gaining a rank on the server may be a nice addition for no extra cost. If this does go ahead, we will most likely roll out this feature to customers of the Amazon UK and Amazon US sites. We have got a trial of this for Amazon UK users here, I'd be greatful if you were to use this if you plan on purchasing anything from Amazon UK - we're using this trial period to work out what ways we can use the data we get to benefit users for using the links.

- Server rules: 80% of respondents signified they were happy with the rules as they stand. The two main feedback points on server rules were possibly adding a rule to prevent players copying builds and relaxing the rules on mentioning other servers. In terms of copying builds, I’ll look into a way to prevent other players entering plots / chunks being loaded, and in terms of mentioning other servers, I’m thinking of allowing it in messages - though work needs to be done first before this decision is finalised, updates will follow on this.

- Other points: going off the responses, there were a few feature requests for features that were already available to all players for free - this has brought to light the need for a more thorough list of commands & what they do. This will most likely be implemented through the website as a searchable or sectioned list, though if you can think of any other more suitable ways for this, let me know & they can be considered.

If you didn’t enter the survey and have any feedback, or did and have some new ideas, just let me know and we can work on improving whatever is needed.



Hello everyone,

Sorry for the last minute post on this, however this is to serve as a notification that parts of our network will become periodically unavailable over the course of the next few days whilst we are in the process of transferring all the files over to a new server.

Around 2 years back when we started using the current server, it was adequate for our needs, however I've noticed as we've started expanding to a multi-server network that this is slowing down performance too much. As such, I've taken the decision to upgrade the server to one with around 2x the processing power, in addition to one with an SSD (solid state drive) rather than a mechanical hard drive. This upgrade is only possible thanks to the generosity of all those who have purchased ranks on the server - so thank you for making this happen.

We are periodically transferring files to minimise downtime - in total, there is 75GB of data which needs transferring. The current schedule for transferring is as follows:

  • City (began 22:99 GMT 15/3/17) - Complete
  • Creative (began 6:50 GMT 16/3/18) - Complete
  • Survival (began 16:00 GMT 16/3/18) - Complete
  • Hub

We will require a restart to the server each time a transfer completes so that your traffic is fowarded onto the correct server. We will notify all players when this is happening a few minutes in advance. In the period where files are in the process of being transferred, that server will be unavailable - feel free to connect through hub.theburrow.net to see what other servers are still running if you would still like to play.

I'd like to apologise for any inconvenience the downtime has caused at this short notice, however we feel this will be more beneficial than harmful in the long term. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Hello everyone,

We are currently discussing the idea of adding a new gamemode to the server, which would be a city recreation. As this project will, if it goes ahead, consume a lot of time, this post is being written to gauge player interest in this project, to see whether the effort taken to pull this off to a good standard is justified. This has been a long time in consideration - August 2017 is the earliest I can remember discussing it, although this was origionally what our server started as (though with the city removed due to it not being quite up to standards).

Below is a plan of how the basics of the server could work - please bear in mind this is still in the early stages, and things are subject to chage.

Players join server, with a balance. They are able to get jobs (e.g. farming, mining to provide resources needed for the cities / towns), which they will get a salary for. Players are able to rent / buy houses / apartments, and explore the city. Regularly ranked players will have permissions to build inside of their houses (in order to furnish to their liking), and builder / higher ranked players will have access to gamemode creative in order to expand the city. Thus, the Creative server will be used as a baseline for determining which players have the right skillset to work on their own towns / buildings in the city, and in order to ensure the quality is up to scratch, and things kept as realistic as can be in a game where everything is a 1m x 1m x 1m block (excluding slabs, stairs, ect). 

Therefore, we are currently looking for players interested in participating with this project. The things we are looking for primarily are players who are good at / interested in:

  • Building houses / apartment buildings / office buildings
  • Good at building transport links (e.g. trains, buses)
  • Good at landscaping city-style areas

If you fit any of the above criteria, and would be interested in working on this, please reply to this post with a plot ID with the builds you wish to showcase, and if applicable, the texture pack the builds are best viewed in - these will be reviewed by our staff team, and anything above standard will be noted down as a potential interest for the project. Please also express what you would be interested in doing to help out with the server (e.g. working on your own town, making buildings for capital, ect) so we can allocate you a suited role if we feel you are up to standards. Please note, any submissions which are primarily based off loaded in schematics / tutorials will be denied, as we wish to gain an insight into your ability to build, rather than ability to find good builds & follow tutorials (basing off real-life images is completely acceptable though).

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.



I am writing this as a notification of an outage affecting all our Minecraft servers, as of 15:00 GMT today. The issue appears to be down to our hosting provider's network, and a potential network failure. They have been contacted regarding this incident, and I am awaiting a reponse. This post will be updated when I receive more information.

The network incident most likely affecting our server is located at http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=29286 if you are interested.

Our host, as per the status page, run a new fibre optic cable to the network switch, and the server is now up and running - apologies for the inconvenience, and if anything isn't running as is meant to be, let me know, as the hardware reboot I issued on the server may have caused some processes to abruptly stop / some things to not boot up again.

Thanks for your patience at this time,


BETA IS ENDING SOON  (5 DAYS AT MOST ESTIMATED) - Please bear this in mind if this is a primary factor in purchasing a rank.

Hello everyone,
It's been a while since this was last discussed, however we are now at a stage where our survival server is available for beta testing to any donators. The length of this beta period is undetermined as of yet: it will last at least 1 week, however will last as long as it takes to get survival to a stage where all known bugs have been fixed.

In order to gain access to the server, you must have purchased a rank on the store. Then, go to http://buy.theburrow.net, click the 'Extras' button on the nagivation menu, and then the 'Extras' button again. This will prompt you to enter your username, and once you have, you will be taken to a category page with a 'Survival - Whitelist' item in the category. This is a free item (requiring a rank to get), and once added to cart & checked out, will schedule the server to add your username to the server whitelist, after which you will be able to access survival through the /server survival command (use /hub to return to hub, and /server creative for creative).

Please note that as this is a beta period, things may not work properly: there may be some issues with permissions, or other things not working. In this case, we reccomend that you let us know (either through the forums, Discord, skype, or email [email protected] ) about the issue so that it can be fixed. Any feature requests will also be taken into account through those contact methods - again, this is still a pretty basic server setup currently, and we're hoping to have it's path foward shaped by user feedback. Please note, as this is a testing period, and whilst this is extremely unlikely, if we discover any serious bugs (e.g. item duplication), we reserve the right to reset the world & player data, and also may remove plugins without any prior notice.

To any non-donator, once the beta period is over, you will be able to access the server. Any rank purchases after this post are still eligable for participating in the beta too.

Happy New year to everyone, and hopefully this update is one of the many new things coming to our server in 2018.

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