It has recently come to my server that our creative server has recently been crashing a lot, and also when crashing, not restarting itself correctly, causing the server to go offline and become unreachable for fairly long periods of time.

Based on the time that this started, I am fairly certain that the root cause of this issue was Dynmap: this is a web based map that allows people to view a map of Creative from their web browser. This was initially installed to allow players who had lost plots a while back to view the map, and try to locate any prominant structures they remember building, in order to try and make it easier to recover plots. However, this has lead to the server crashing,

I have paused the map render for now to check if this fixes the issues, however by now the main map has been fully rendered so this should be usable by players to help locate plots.

Once again. I'm sorry that I didn't notice the server was crashing - I'm currently trying to connect at least 2 times a day to ensure everything is online and working properly. If this is to happen again, please notify me as soon as possible to reduce the downtime: skype - matthewkilpatrick12345 ; email:

UPDATE: The issues persisted after this point. I feel that they are now fixed, and have come to the conclusion that the following factors were infact the issue:

  1. A plot fairly near spawn had a load of floating pressure plates on it. In one of the crashes I witnessed today, the co-ordinates of this plot were included (I seem to remember it being classed as a physics issue in the logs), and this plot crashed my client a few times too. I have wiped the content of this plot and banned the user who it belonged to for intention to crash the server / lag players.
  2. A plugin that was installed onto the Creative server on the last day of 2016 that automatically launched fireworks throughout the day to celebrate new year. Before this point, I can’t remember server crashes this regular, so I believe that this may have been part of the issue. This has now been removed.

It's been a long wait. I mean long. Really, really long. I initially promised to release survival back in December 2015. We had a few days of it being open, however a load of bugs were discovered, which lead to its closure almost immediately. Up until then, survival had always been something I intended to come back to our network, but just never really got round to. And I'm happy to say, that finally, after a year since then, we have survival back!

At this current moment in time, to ensure we don't have a repeat of last years situation, I have decided to stagger the release of survival. For the coming few days, there will be a limited 'alpha' stage of survival for our current and original staff members, in which we will be thoroughly testing that everything is working as intented. Following this, we will work on developing some things, such as the economy, on survival, whilst expanding our trials to the 'beta' stage, in which donators will also have the ability to join the server. This period will last for 1 week, and once over, if I am happy evrerything is working as it is meant to be, survival will open up to everyone.

This is just a quick post to notify you that you will be unable to connect to, or will experience issues whilst connected to, our server network starting from midday (GMT) on the 30th January, 2017. One of our server providers recently notified me of a scheduled server transfer, which is why there will be some downtime. During the period, our database server is being moved over to a new server in Los Angeles from the current datacentre in Las Vegas, due to a 'price-hike' from our provider's current datacentre.

I will try to make sure the downtime is kept to a minimum, at this stage hopefully everything should be resolved by 4:30PM GMT (around 4:30 hours downtime in total).

Apologies for any inconveniece this may cause, however we are trying our best to find the best way to minimise the time the server is inaccessible by working out if it is faesable to move our database to another of our servers temporarily until this transfer has been completed.

As you may have noticed, things have been going wrong recently. A lot. Firstly, for the past week or so, issuing commands got you kicked from the server. In our attempt to fix this (which worked), another large issue was caused, which has taken the past 3 hours of my time to try and resolve. Sadly, my efforts haven't been 100% successful, and there are some things that haven't been restored correctly.

Basically, all that happened was the database containing all details on plot ownership / members / flags has been made corrupt and the server will no longer read this. This is the only database that there isn't a backup available of, as it was moved temporaraily to another server to debug things, but was never moved back to our primary database server, which took backups.

Whilst we have been able to recover a majority of the plot owners (we're currently at just above 1600 of about 1800 plots), we are unable to recover plot members, names, or flags that have been saved since around May this year. Sorry about this, however you will have to manually add back players and flags to your plots. In few occasions, plot owners haven't been restored due to them having their names changed since last connecting. If this is the case for you, I advise you to contact a staff member as soon as possible and get them to contact me to get this sorted, as if you don't, there is a risk your plot may be wiped.

Once again, sorry about these issues. We tried to resolve this the best way possible, however this sadly has led to some loss after all other methods fail. I assure you more precaution is being taken into backing up this database alongside all the others in the future.


TL;DR - If you, or someone you know has lost plots, contact me as soon as possible (skype: matthewkilpatrick12345 / email: with as much info as you can give (plot ID is helpful) and I will try to recover your ownership of the plot as soon as I can.

Hello everyone!

We've been waiting for this day for a while, and today Mojang released their Minecraft 1.11 version. Today we have begun support for Minecraft 1.11 - although as of this point in time we are not supporting the 1.11 features. We will continue supporting 1.10 and 1.9 clients for the forseeable future too.

In other news, I have finally fixed the bug on the creative server where signs, banners, and armor stands don't show up when placed! Thanks to all those who informed me of this issue over the last 3 months - it should now be fixed.